duminică, 11 septembrie 2016

Tradition and Contemporary Design Merge to Form Dubai’s New Skyline

        From the Marina District to the Business District, from the palm-tree shaped Palm Jumeirah to the inland Golf Estates, Dubai blooms upward and outward.
       It is one of the world’s fastest growing metropolitan areas, ranked 5th in 2015, according to a Brookings Institute Global Metro Monitor Report. Although the real estate market in Dubai has slowed on the heels of lower oil prices when prices dropped in 2014, real estate performance in Dubai still ranks among the top global cities.

      Dubai’s rapid development and high-end housing market have attracted starchitects, who’ve made their mark on the skyline. Examples include the shimmering Opus, by Zaha Hadid, the forklike Index Tower by Norman Foster, and the new Super Potato and SOMA Architects development, One at Palm Jumeirah. These buildings have served as a magnet for luxury buyers worldwide. Unlike London or New York, architects and developers in Dubai are not just building single buildings, but entire communities.
With World Expo, a global technology and science event that expects 25 million visitors from over 180 countries, coming in 2020, architects working in Dubai expect even more of the city.

“Dubai seems to have continued great vision,” Mr. Smith said. “New districts with proposed new typologies of tall structures are all on the drawing boards, or already under construction. Dubai remains amazing, exhilarating and forward-looking with even greater greatness in its future.”

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